The ISSIT Ltd software products are being designed for Integration of different security systems including surveillance devices, alarm system and Access Control (Bio-metric, Punch Card , Sensor devices) etc. in order to enable friendly and easy monitoring for the clients.

This integration may include but not limited to are Security Management System(customized software), Remote Access Control System, Attendance by Bio-metrics, CCTV and Digital Recording, Metal detectors ,Asset Management, Checking Boundary Fence, Intruder Alarms, Perimeter intruder detection, Electronic Locking, Panic/Affray Alarms, Fire Detection, Trunked Radio, Radio Paging, Intercoms and Guard Patrols System etc.

At present the main concern of any business in Bangladesh is security and safety issues. Specially in the garments industry the foreign buyers are concerned of compliance issues of safety and security.

So to meet up the growing compliance need of international standard safety and security system, the companies would be requiring setting up integrated security system besides physicals security services.

The use of security devices like CCTV, Archways, metal detectors etc are some common growing need for ensuring security.

These safety and security IT devices including their software are quite costly in Bangladesh and mainly all are imported from the outside countries.
Now if we can develop software and assemble the devices in Bangladesh it would enable customers to reduce their security and safety expenditures.

In light of above , ISSIT Ltd already developed some software like SMS(security management software ) and ‘HR & Pay Roll’ for security management.

Our future product is an ‘integrated software’ that combine the surveillance devices, alarm system and Access Control and bring them in same platform . So that the monitoring can be done easily from a single work station with adequate effectiveness.