ISSIT  Ltd ‘ is the leading professional  business intelligence company in Bangladesh. ( since January 2005. Our close associations and partnership with the world best investigation companies like Centricity Consulting Australia, Control Risk Group, India, Chris Mathers Inc, Canada, ISOG, Italy etc. made us automatic the best choice in Bangladesh  in  the  private investigation services. We do provide the following specific Investigation and Intelligence services:

  • Individual Background (declared or through due diligence) Checks that includes but not limited to:
    • Criminal Records Checks
    • Civil litigation Check
    • Credit History (Financial)
    • Address Check
    • Identity Check (National Identity Card/Driving License/Passport)
    • Education Checks
    • Employment Records Checks
    • Media or Reputation Check
    • Date of Birth /Death Certificate Check
    • Drug Screening Service
    • Authentication of Income Tax Certificate
    • Authentication of Income Tax Returns
    • Business Check (Regulatory Checks)
    • Assets Evaluation
  •  Corporate Background Checks that includes but not limited to:
    • Address Verification
    • Business Reference Check
    • Background of Shareholder/Directors
    • Business activities and products and other practices  line checks
    • Bangladesh Regulatory, Registration, Documents Check
    • Retrieval of Certified copies of Legal documents (MOA, AOA, RC, Trade License etc)
    • Financial condition/solvency check
    • Credit and Bankruptcy  Check
    • Criminal Record of the company
    • Litigation/Court Record check of the company
    • Media Check
    • Audit of Business Compliance Issues
  • Other Checks
    • Verification’s of Insurance Claims (All types)
    • Industrial Crime Investigation.
    • Business Intelligence
    • Surveillance Service
    • Market Survey and Research
    • Safety, Security and Building Codes Checks for garments industry

We are experienced of conducting private investigations for some of the largest local and international companies and  business  groups .  Some of them are:   Young One Corporation Ltd, Beximco Group, GMG Airlines Ltd, Lafarge Bangladesh, Lafarge India, PHP Group,Navana ,Opex Group, Orion Group, Summit Group, United Group, IPCO Bangladesh, Nasa Group, J C penny Bangladesh, Hameem Group,  United Hospital, Envoy Fashions Ltd, Bengal Group, Labaid hospital, Square Hospital, Samrita Hospital, Rangs Group, BRAC Bangladesh, Grameen Bank, Saad Musa Group, Knit Plus, Trz Fashions Ltd etc (

We have the pleasure to work with some of the world business leaders like ‘Lafarge Bangladesh, Lafarge India, Barclays, Allianz, HSBC, MJM, Zurich ,Cega , ANZ , Sony, Rangs, Jc Penny, Source Direct, Tesco, Cisco, Macys , Loblaw Inc etc . ( ISSIT Ltd also worked  for Bangladesh government organizations like RAB, NSI and  World Bank etc.

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